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KE Group is an international investment association with strong interest in the monitoring, development and protection of the environment, health and cultural heritage, both on the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

KE Group has a focus on high-tech solutions put to use for the benefit of people. The solutions used in the KE Group projects are hence often technologically very advanced, based on front-line research. They are sometimes proprietary, involving large investments in technology research and innovation as well as in methodology. Other projects may involve hi-tech partner solutions found in one part of the world and put to use in another, very different geographical context. Or they may be creatively applied in an established technology in a new and innovative way, generating wholly new benefits.

The KE Group always strives to cooperate with governments and other local regulatory entities, to ensure full adherence to local legislation and international best-practices.

This rock is at one of the locations where KE Group runs a research and innovation project within marine archeology. The local conditions are extremely difficult why the divers’ safety and security is a critical concern for KE Group.

For more detail on the underlying strategy of the KE Group project portfolio, please read About us.