About us

About KE Group

KE Group is an investment association composed by a number of senior international businessmen. After a successful professional life, the group’s members are now able to carry out projects within areas of personal interest. While doing so, they consciously strive to choose areas of the world where the total effect and efficiency of the projects will be maximized, i.e. where the starting conditions or other parameters may render the task difficult for local stakeholders.

The common denominator for the group is a strong interest in, and passion for:


Protection of the environment. A first example is protecting the world’s natural resources, with a particular focus on living eco-environments such as oceans and forests – which also becomes a natural part of all other KE Group projects.

Other ambitions are improving (or even remedying) the evils of pollution or illegal exploitation of these living eco-environments and sustainable production of food and energy (wave and sun).

. KE Group has recently also moved into the field of human health, where the main focus has been the establishing of medical facilities that require substantial up-front investments, something not always easy to achieve in all parts of the world.

An example is the development in Ecuador of a Gamma Center for performing gamma radiation surgery, treating cancer and other serious conditions. Another example is the ongoing investigation of the possibility to provide Plasma in Latin America.

Cultural-heritageHistorical and Cultural Heritage. In some regions of the world, the historical and cultural heritage is vastly important and valuable to all mankind, regardless of nationality. Meanwhile, these regions sometimes lack the resources necessary to protect and develop this heritage, so that it truly benefits the region. Often this void leaves the field open for less serious players.

The KE Group has developed an innovative and integrated concept which truly benefits the region, both short and long term; used within land archaeology as well as marine archaeology.

Together with specialists we share the historical and cultural heritage with a wider audience, displaying the artefacts in a living environment. This is done in close cooperation with the local descendants of the historical and cultural heritage at hand.