Bark sanitation

Bark – a 100% ecological absorbent against oil, metals, heavy metals and more

Bark-ecoAn important area of interest of KE Group is the removal of industrial pollutants such as oil, metal and heavy metal and other organic pollutants from natural environments. It is done using 100% ecological absorbents in the form of highly porous bark, in natural biochemical and biological processes.

The advantages are numerous: the 100% ecological absorbents are often cheaper than chemicals, polymers and additives generally used today – in addition to that the latter often cause secondary environmental problems.

These absorbents are also more efficient, which generates shortened cycle time and higher capacity, hence solving the problems more rapidly. Up to 99.4% of the metal ions/oils can be recovered from the water phase into either a concentrate or an evaporated powder, depending on the absorbant type that is used.

In addition, the method allows for recovering pollutants for reuse, i.e. creating commercial values such as fuel from end-products.

Finally, besides addressing already polluted environments, the process can be used for proactive reduction of costs for water and waste handling within the industry.