Renewable energy

Solar and Wave Energy

There is an ever-increasing demand from the global market to produce more energy. Today most energy is derived from carbon, whose production and use in turn produces CO2 – leading to global warming.


Solar and wave energy on the other hand are renewable (limitless), free and environment-friendly. The technological developments continually push efficiency forward; most often via slow evolution and not revolution. KE Group have identified and partnered with outstandingly efficient technologies in each area.

Concerning solar technologies, passive elements produce less energy than active ones, which track the sun’s movements. Focussing the sun rays is also more efficient that flat solar panels.

Finally, the conversion of sun energy to usable energy often produces losses – directly and over distances. The KE Group’s preferred solar technology uses a stirling motor connected to a generator creating 25 to 33 kWh during the sunny hours.


The KE Group also has a project for generating electricity from the movement of the sea. In surface waves or swell, water particles roll in a circular motion. This energy is squeezed by reducing depth, for instance when moving in toward the shore. Below the surface swell, at a depth half of the length of the swell, the circular rolling motion becomes more elliptical, and at the sea bottom the water particles rock back and forth up to the breaker line.

A specially designed bottom-mounted moving wing is used to capture this kinetic energy and it is then converted to electricity using traditional technologies.