Sustainable fish-farm

Sustainable and eco-friendly food production

The KE Group is highly involved in the development of a new environment-friendly technology for sustainable food production.

Fishfarm-seaThe produced products are initially whole fish, fillet and fish caviar, while processed products may be added at a second stage. The technology allows for production in fresh water (lakes) or salt water (sea), integrating farming, harvest and secondary processing (value added products) in one single factory.

This technology provides unique environmental advantages firstly due to combining “semi-closed cages” with collection of the major part of the sludge. Secondly, nutrients from the fishfarm can be re-cycled as fertilizers. Thirdly, the technology allows for a more rapid growth of fish which allows for higher output while reducing environmental effects.

In addition, the concept includes sharing know-how and best practices with the local population, ranging from expertise within licensing/contracting to optimizing shortest distance to consumers and implementing intelligent logistics. The main aim is not only food production but also job creation and increasing a nation’s competence capital within eco-friendly and sustainable production techniques.