Plasma production

Plasma production – a more efficient method

In Ecuador, KE Group is currently investigating an opportunity to create a local plasma fractionation plant that produces freeze dried plasma products. The objective is helping patients to alleviate the very serious problems within immunology deficiencies, haematology (i.e. coagulation disorders), oncology (i.e. leukaemia) and last, but not least, emergency/ICU.

plasmaThere is currently only one plasma fractionation plant in Latin America (Brazil). Imported products are expensive due to import barriers such as currency fluctuations, addition-charge by wholesaler, and high international prices due to continuously increasing demand.

The advantages of plasma proteins vs. traditional blood components can be resumed as:

  • Concentration: Possibility to treat/improved effect
  • Administration: Simplified treatment and – very importantly – storage
  • Virus safety: Reduced risk of contaminated blood

KE Group would hence contribute to developing the health care sector in by providing plasma products and local knowledge of their usage. Not only would the patients benefit, but also the physicians, who get access to new treatment methods and tools. New, highly qualified jobs as well as tax income will be generated for the benefit of the nation.